Keep the Faith or Educate?


So many parent’s and teachers have been faced with this very question over the years. Being forced to sacrifice one to some extent for the other. But unlike most other child care facilities, instead of making a choice – Time 2 Explore instead asked a question of their own – “Why?”

Why should we have to chose between two different curriculums? Why should faith in God or the best possible child care development and learning experience have to suffer?

So T2E prayed – and they were given a wonderful answer, and a revelation of the perfect solution –

“… thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” (Psalm 23:4)

And since God uses both His Word and His Spirit in perfect harmony – Time 2 Explore would do exactly the same and also use a similar ‘dynamic duo’ approach. The result – a unique child care experience was born! One that utilizes the best from not just 1, but 2 State approved curricula. One that includes faith-based perspective lessons, and one that focuses exclusively on education. Time 2 Explore calls this learning experience Finishing FIRST – parents call it amazing!

F  aith

I   ntegrated

R  esource

S  elective

T  eaching

Finishing FIRST  , as it’s name states, reviews and evaluates the lessons, manipulatives, and educational elements from both curriculums – and then selects the very best content and integrates the two into unified teaching plans. The result is an educational experience for the child that is truly unique – lacking nothing – including all the pre-requisites and advantages needed for each child to be fully prepared for kindergarten, and the blessings and wisdom that only God and His Word can provide. And that is why all Time 2 Explore kids will have been given the greatest opportunity of finishing first.