Infant & Toddler

Our infant and toddler curriculum is customized for every child between the ages 6 months to 3 years – and offers not only lots and lots of love, and hands-on interactive fun – but are the critical foundational years to their education success and enjoyment. We use numerous curriculum activity kits based on Finishing FIRST, employ a host of exciting and amusing manipulatives which helps develop gross and fine motor skills – as well as provide music, language, science, art, math, cognitive, social, and sensory experiences. All part of T2E‘s Jacob’s Ladder scholastic readiness program (see Preschool).

In this program we also incorporate Signing (ASL – American Standard Language) to enhance the very important developmental domain of language / literacy. Incorporating this method, children learn early communication skills, which sets the foundation for accelerated learning, enabling them to relate, associate and understanding jesters in relation to objects, and actions starting at six months of age, they then at this early age, begin to organize, link and correlate these acts in their schema of thinking, which makes sense to them, leading to early communication skills.