EXPLORET2E‘s Educational Framework


As committed and passionate T2E Staff is about nurturing and caring for your child – the saying, “It’s the thought that counts”, maybe fine when it come to a present – but not your child’s education. And so in support of T2E’s proven teaching philosophy are industry first methodologies and – Explore – it’s Educational Framework, that ensures the delivery of Time 2 Explore’s Mission Statement …

“To Cultivate Optimism, Encourage Creativity & Impart Knowledge.”

The Explore framework provides the structure and process required for our talented staff to consistently deliver the excellence in quality and effective results that you the parents should expect – and that your children deserve. This framework begins with T2E continually exploring all the key components and objectives as they pertain to Explore:

1)  The Nature of the Child – how to best understand, engage and care for every child – taking into consideration their individual personalities, learning preferences, and – their unique cultural home life that is central to their identity.

2)  Education & Teaching  – the best ways of teaching to inspire, to motivate, and to educate – utilizing a comprehensive 3 step process for the selection, modification, and creation of an optimized curriculum.

3)  Prosperity & Successthe most effective ways to communicate and truly partner with parents – including personalized strategic educational plans, direct parental input and participation, and at home support materials and programs.

T2E‘s curricula programs accommodate children from 6 months to 5 years of age. Our teachers are experienced, creative, and possess the ability to recognize a child’s potential and adjust based on their developmental level. Our Finishing FIRST curriculum, is aligned with Maryland’s Healthy Beginnings guidelines for 0-3 yrs., and in accordance with the MSDE common core standard in early childhood development and preschool preparedness.


Time 2Explore’s curriculum programs include:

Infant & Toddler

Our infant and toddler curriculum is customized for every child between the ages 6 months to 3 years – and offers not only lots and lots of love, and hands-on interactive fun – but are the critical foundational years to their education success and enjoyment. We use numerous curriculum activity kits based on Finishing FIRST, employ a host of exciting and amusing manipulatives which helps develop gross and fine motor skills – as well as provide music, language, science, art, math, cognitive, social, and sensory experiences. All part of T2E‘s Jacob’s Ladder scholastic readiness program (see below).

In this program we also incorporate Signing (ASL – American Standard Language) to enhance the very important developmental domain of language / literacy. Incorporating this method, children learn early communication skills, which sets the foundation for accelerated learning, enabling them to relate, associate and understanding jesters in relation to objects, and actions starting at six months of age, they then at this early age, begin to organize, link and correlate these acts in their schema of thinking, which makes sense to them, leading to early communication skills.


Our preschool curriculum, which adjust easily for children ages 3-5 is a high-quality, professionally and skillfully developed curriculum that provokes eagerness for learning and builds school readiness skills. This curriculum offers strategies and a fundamental approach when teaching children with various developmental needs, experiences, and diverse culture. Activities and assessment materials are aligned with early learning standards.

For our preschool age children, some home child cares and many centers are now employing select activities, programs, and promotions initiated by the organization, Ready at Five. They have partnered with a host of educational associations that promote and support advanced school readiness. Time 2 Explore has not only embraced this concept of uniting education, business, and communities to advance and benefit the early learning and development of young children – but has taken ‘Scholastic Readiness’ to the next and optimum level.  This exclusive T2E program is called Jacob’s Ladder.

Jacob‘s Ladder, a 7 level academic program, removes common child care / preschool ‘ceilings and walls’ – all learning restrictions and barriers – and both allows and encourages all children regardless of their age – to advance at their own PASE. Therefore progress occurs at optimum levels, as quickly or as slowly as they able – depending on the specific phase they may be, within the early childhood development process.  And unlike just ‘being ready’ for Kindergarten at 5 years of age, Jacob‘s Ladder children are provided the ability to ‘climb up’ 7 rungs or levels – with each level equivalent to the academic performance of a child who excels at that age – 1 through 7. As a result, if the best or optimal progress for a child is to advance at the normal rate and be ready to excel in Kindergarten between the ages of 5 and 6, great. However, if your child is already at that level at age 4 – then we will continue with their advanced learning progress – and have them academically Grade 1 or even 2 ‘ready’ (levels 6 and 7) in some or most of the 33 educational categories.