Passionate Educators

Nurturing Young Hearts & Souls.”


As a parent, looking for child care education for your first little, or a new pre-school alternative – there cannot be any news more troublesome than the regular reports of an innocent child be mistreated. And although the majority of the incidents occur in the larger ‘center’ facilities, similar cases have also been reported in non-state regulated private homes. Regardless, this nightmare can be easily avoided and replaced with the peace of mind that comes with leaving your most prized possession with those educators who are truly called to nurture and teach children. And make no mistake, spending 10+ hours with several little ones who are not always the adorable angels we love – requires a heart that is filled with love for children and a passion to bless them that never tires. And that perfectly defines the character and personality of every Time 2 Explore Director, Educator, and Care Giver – modeled after T2E’s President & Founder, Eva M. Sabree.

Ms. Sabree launched Time 2 Explore in the Fall of in 2011 after more than 20 years experience working with children, teens, and young adults – including home schooling two of her own who are now in college. Prior to opening T2E, Eva enjoyed success in both a professional career and in ministry. For Ms. Sabree, the juggling of the daily challenges of a child care are a breeze compared to directing the logistical functions for overhauls, campaigns and planned maintenance projects of a multi-million dollar transit’s inventory.  Eva retired from the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority in 2010 and began the planning for T2E which included the required Early Childhood Development Education. Ms. Sabree’s training has included the required knowledge, theories and practices in the area of Child Development, Health, Safety & Nutrition, Curriculum, Professionalism, and Community, as well as certification for CPR & First Aid for children and adults, and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death).

Her decades of service to others with several non-denominational organizations, both formal church support and Para-church ministries, is extensive and includes:  Children Church Administrator, Bible School Teacher  – 5th grade girls “The Trail Blazers, after-school teacher for the Children’s Ministry Program at Crofton Elementary School, Summer Enrichment Camp Teacher, Adult Sunday School, and Founder & Director of the children’s evangelistic outreach ministry – Bold Lambs in Christ, Inc. Community service focused on helping children with special needs – working part-time with Hospital for Sick Children with Special Needs (HSCSN) in Washington, DC.

As a parent – if you are looking for an environment whose culture has been formed and created by a most special lady that has been truly called by God to bless and teach and nurture children – you cannot make a better choice than Time 2 Explore. For as you will see, Eva Sabree is one of those amazing individuals that makes everyone she meets feel better about themselves – especially kids! Children and young people are just naturally drawn to her and the passion she exudes – resulting in a joy and love of learning that will last for the rest of their lives!

So, if you want your child to be excited about you dropping them off, and happily smiling when you pick them up – Time 2 Explore is the home away from home your family deserves. For we guarantee your child …

A Solid Foundation & Promising Future.