TIME – “Teach to Inspire, Motivate to Educate.”

Our child care facility is centered on love, the truth, faith, and commitment – in all that we do and provide. We are here to serve you – the parent, and your child – to make the never ending process of learning fun. Here at Time 2 Explore we view learning as an adventure that magnifies the world around us. We partner with you the parent, family member, or guardian as we communicate, cultivate, engage, and enhance your child’s learning potential (no matter what the age) – in all 5 areas of the Developmental Domains: physical, cognitive, language, emotional, and social development.

Your child is our focus, and our dynamic LEAP curriculum is centered, molded, shaped and developed based on your child’s preferred learning style, current learning pace, and/or special need. Our goal is to help develop, unveil, and optimize the learning process of every child – from early childhood thru elementary – ensuring they realize their true potential.

And as committed and passionate T2E Staff is about nurturing and caring for your child – the saying, “It’s the thought that counts”, maybe fine when it come to a present – but not your child’s education. And so in support of T2E’s proven teaching philosophy are industry first methodologies and – Explore – it’s Educational Framework, that ensures the delivery of Time 2 Explore’s Mission Statement …

“To Cultivate Optimism, Encourage Creativity & Impart  Knowledge.”

Time 2 Explore shares every parent’s desire to provide their child with the very best opportunity to enjoy a great beginning to the future. And to ensure that is exactly what each and every child who attends T2E will receive – we have literally crossed every ‘t’ and dotted every ‘i’. For when you consider the numerous unique T2E educational methodologies, including: Finishing FIRST, TIME, the Explore Educational Framework, the REAL & LEAP Teaching Models, the CARE Education & CARE Success Programs, and the SE3R Scholastic Readiness Assessments – delivered by a MDSE approved Christian child care organization – Time 2 Explore is unmatched in the value it delivers – and is the perfect choice for …

“Informed Parents

Not Willing To Compromise.”

If you have questions and would like to know more, call or text today! If you would like to come by for a visit we’d be happy to see you. And regardless of whether you are a family with one or a few young kids, or if you are looking for their first child care – or simply desiring a better learning experience for them – enrolling them in T2E will be one of the best decisions you have ever made! For Time 2 Explore guarantees every child …

A Solid Foundation & Promising Future.”

We Partner with North Carolina Child & Adult Food Program…Children eat free and healthy!

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T2E Opportunities!

Have you have been looking for a company that you could partner and / or work with where everyone was a Stakeholder – earning Monthly Bonuses & Qrtly Profit Sharing? And where everyone participated in Long-Term Wealth Building and even a Retirement Pension Plan. Well your search is over.

These unique benefits are all included in T2E‘s exclusive Financially SECURE program, and is just one of the many blessings to be enjoyed when you work with a truly Christian owned and operated organization.

If you are driven to succeed, love helping others, and are passionate about teaching kids – of all ages – then maybe we should talk.

Send us your CV / resume, and a cover letter as to why you think you might be a perfect fit for Time 2 Explore – and if you are looking to make $25K, $50k, or $250k+ – and we’ll get back to you with the recommended next steps.


Your Trusted Family Childcare

Time 2 ExploreOptimism, Creativity, Knowledge

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Your Trusted Family Childcare

“Cultivate Optimism, Encourage Creativity & Impart Knowledge.” “Teach to Inspire, Motivate to Educate.” “Passionate Educators Nurturing Young Hearts & Souls.”